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Evaluation the Impact of CPD


 Evaluating the Impact of CPD


CPD in schools has a valuable impact on the teaching and learning experiences of young people, as well as other aspects of school life including team working, and leadership and management. School leaders will want to evaluate this impact to identify if CPD has been effective and provides value for money. That said, evaluation is perhaps the most difficult and therefore neglected part of the CPD cycle. However, it is possible to develop an effective evaluation process. Evaluation forms a logical and natural part of the CPD cycle and should be planned from the outset, rather than as an afterthought. Where this is the case, identifiable changes in practice that result from CPD can be observed, evaluated and quantified against planned learning objectives. At the same time, evaluating CPD does not need to be a burden, or require lots of paperwork.


The Workforce Development Team has produced guidance to briefly exemplify what is meant by the impact of CPD in schools, and to share some key principles and methods of effective impact evaluation. This can be downloaded here:  Evaluating the Impact of CPD - Guidance for Schools and Centres